Sunday, August 16, 2009

slack with posting

I am getting slack with I am feeling better than I did 3 months ago I find myself outside of the house rather than in front of a computer screen. This is a good thing I'm thinking! I only did 2 gym days last week and I didn't go today either. I had my big weekend last week - of drinking and eating and did not suffer too badly. Although it has shattered my determination to be a strict as possible with the diet. Once I had that first sip of champagne it seems hard to say "no" now. Saturday night, Sunday, Wednesday Lunch, Saturday night just gone and again yesterday. Well I will have to end all this fun soon and get back to doing the right thing if I want to see this through. I have 3 weeks left on the program but I think as I have missed a few days they are going to add on a week which is good of them to do this for me. After I finish I will certainly be sticking to the eating program but I am not sure whether to rejoin for the Gym or whether I can do it on my own. Maybe I should keep going until all my dental revision is completed in case I start to feel awful. I'll have to see.

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