Thursday, August 27, 2009

nothing to report.....

I don't have too much to report....Good or bad. I guess that's good as life is just cruising along no symptoms to speak of. My hair has stopped falling out and I can see heaps of new growth which is good. I feel healthy - I would love to not need as much sleep bu at least I wake up OK and I'm am not tired all the time. My diet seems to be going OK I don't seem to feel like meat again though but I notice when I make myself eat what I am supposed to it gets easier. If I don't eat meat (bacon etc) for breakfast for a couple of days I find it hard to start doing it again and just end up with eggs only (not that bad i'm sure still protein). I have not succumbed to the ease of a bowl of cereal nor have I relented and had any bread, which is always the easy choice for breakfast. I find this not a problem. I'm sure some of the things I eat do have some sugars so I suspect my diet still has a small of sugar but I don't seem to crave it at all. I would like to try a totally Gluten free diet and absolutely no sugar at all just to see if I notice a difference. It would take a lot of work to be super vigilant checking everything especially when I eat out. My amalgam removal was booked for next week but I am heading away so I have to wait until the following week. My heart rate is also really good - worked out today on a new machine and my heart rate only got to around 160 much better than 200 so I am assuming the medication is doing it's thing. Hopefully I can get off that soon (1 tablet a day 5mg neo-mercazale). Basically program is going good I think it is well worth it and I feel good.

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