Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Been a while

It's been a while since I last posted, very slack I know. It seems I don't have too much to report from day to day now as things have even out. I am in the middle of the my Dental revision. Amalgam removal and removal of a root filled tooth. I had 7 mercury fillings removed two weeks ago. It wasn't painful, just like having a filling really but as I had seven done at once my mouth, jaw and gums were a bit sore. A couple of the replaced fillings (they are now a different substance - non toxic I assume and are white) need to be filed down a little and I am having that done tomorrow along with the removal of the remaining 4 amalgams. Each time they remove the mercury fillings I have a drip of Vitamin C and Magnesium (don't know if there is anything else in the drip). I found this quite painful, sort of like when you have a drip in your arm and they flush it with saline - it stings for a while. Well this stings the whole time to the point where your whole arm throbs and the feeling you get is weird. I felt dizzy and drunk-like and warm timgling sensation in my stomach and legs. I felt strange for about an hour and then felt really tired. The next couple of days I felt really drained and had bad headaches. I presume this is the toxins being expelled from my body that were released when the fillings were drilled as no doubt I swallowed some and I think it goes directly into your bloodstream. Anyway tomorrow is the 2nd and final of the removals. Then it will be the Root filled tooth which has a crown to be removed completely. I don't think I have to replace it as I have never lost a tooth before so I have plenty. This root-filled tooth which was treated about 4-5years ago shows up on a dental xray with an infection beneath it. As I have mentioned, studies have proven these toxins from mercury and infection can be traced in people with auto-immune disease and I want to give myself the best chance to recover. On another note my heartrate is really good - The 1 neo-mercazale I am supposed to take now I have not taken for a couple of weeks and my heartrate is great when I exercise. Therefore I could say that I have no symptoms. I am tired a lot but I think I have just got used to be tired and sleeping more than usual, I am trying to break this habit. I will have another blood test this week and see my Doc for results, I am hoping for next to normal T3 T4 and TSH (this has not happened yet so I am hopeful) going by how I feel I think I am in remission. The dental revision can only benefit my health more and I have to try to stick to my eating plan. This has not been the case over the past 3-4weeks. I still am very keen to stick to the plan but life just hasn't allowed that. It is a lifestyle choice not just a fad diet so I have to keep trying to improve my habits all the time. I am trying not to be too hard on myself and just keep trying to make the better choices.......I am far from perfect.

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