Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 weeks today

It's been 10 weeks now - I would love to say that I have lost the weight I wanted.....but not as yet. Today I was only down 0.1kgs in other words "nothing". I was a little disapointed - my measurements were down but that had gone up a little at the last weigh-in (don't know why). So my scales were at 71.6kgs when I first started and now my scales say 66.8kgs so that's almost 4kgs on my scales. I really expected to be down a little more but the past couple of weeks things seemed to have slowed. I asked at the clinic today whether I should pick up the exercise but 3 sessions are week are supposedly adequate - obviously they don't say NO but he didn't say get out there and go for it and you'll lose more weight!. I think I will anyway - maybe just a walk on the days I don't go to the clinic - it can't hurt. Still sticking to diet - been a little slack with vitamins but intend to rectify that today. All else is good .....still think I am much better off on this diet (program) than not - if I had of kept gaining at the rate I was I could have been another stone heavier by now. My amalgam removal is booked for September. Three appointments over a couple of weeks - something to look forward too....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well I feel better today after a workout at the clinic - I mentioned I have been a little "off track" this week (did not give too many details) and have been sent home with instructions to do what is called a C Flush - you take Vitamin C powder (teaspoon) 1000mg per tsp (I already take this twice a day) every 15mins (in a glass of water) until you start running to the toilet - this will flush out toxins and most will be expelled then I take activated charcoal also in water which will bind all the excess toxins and they can also be expelled before your cells re-absorb wish me luck!. Then I have to prepare a "Mucosa Rebuilder" potion - which is made up of Butter (full fat) & coconut oil & healthy fibre plus (a fibre powder probably like metamucil but chunkier) water then blended together and kept in the fridge - each day I have to take a spoonful - it lasts about 3 weeks. (If anyone is interested in this receipe please email me and I will check the sheet I may have forgotten an ingredient). This apparently rebuilds the healthy bacteria in the gut apparently essential for people with "Leaky Gut Syndrome" but I am assuming is important for everyone- I have found a site with some info but admit have not read it thoroughly ....yet- it is As usual I will do as I am told......I'll start tomorrow - One thing Grave's has done for me is opened my eyes to a whole new world of Health which I would never have delved into before - there is a reason for everything in this life. There is so many people out there worse off than me - this disease is a fairly"easy one" in comparison to what some people go through - I am thankful for that and hope that all the information that I share might help somebody out there..........

Sunday, July 19, 2009


My husband cooked a great dinner on Saturday night for us and some friends - he thinks he's a candidate for "Masterchef" or something. I could not resist some "off limits" stuff - and a glass of red. I have been so good for 9 weeks with minimal slip-ups but this weekend was a write-off. I had Rack of Lamb (good) Polenta with cheese (high carbs) broccolini (good) Red wine (BAD) and Chocolate Fondant dessert (Sugar of the charts) BAD BAD BAD not one but I had another yesterday. Then I had Thai food for dinner - flat noodles (High Carbs) and all full of MSG - today I feel sick and dissapointed that I gave in to temptation - so badly. I also didn't take any vitamins or supplements all weekend and I have the worst headache - I hope the people at the clinic never see this blog as I pretended everything was normal this morning when I went in -although I am feeling really bad. Well have to get back on track - I wonder how many days it will be until I feel better again? NOT WORTH IT!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have been doing some more research on mercury toxicity and it's connection to auto-immune diseases - I have asked in some thyroid forums for any info but have not had a reply yet - here are a couple of sites I found that give a bit of info and\
actually if you type in to google - mercury toxicity and auto-immune diseases the results are endless - why are dentists still allowed to put this in our mouths - it is baffling to me - I am a bit confused why I am just hearing about this - I hope I'm not sounding like sound kind of weirdo - but I really think there is something to this.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mercury Removal

Well I had my appointment with the Dentist and I am going to go ahead and have my amalgams removed. I have 10 amalgams and a root filled tooth which has some kind of abcess under it (I cannot feel any pain) so this will also be removed - the whole tooth that is. This Root canal was done about 4 years ago and cost me about $3000 with the crown - but it's going - I thought I was doing the right thing saving my broken tooth - I broke it trying to open a bottle of nail polish with my back teeth (I know how stupid). This is the kind of thing you yell at your kids over!. Anyway I feel there is enough evidence to prove that mercury (from amalgams and other sources) poisoning is directly attributable to auto immune disease. I can't keep them in my mouth knowing this might have caused my problem - I am in a genetic position to acquire an auto-immune disease but with mercury exposure and a poor diet that does not help your body to fight this risk - well here I am. So far I have changed my diet - what I eat is more nutrient dense which will give my body the best chance to fight off sickness of any kind. Then to have the mercury removed from my body and try to minimise other exposure to toxins (as much as possible anyway). Hopefully then I will be able to recover from Grave's and not look back. At least I have something to try - my Endocrinologist only gave me medication that fixed some symptoms and created twice as many - they just don't get it! I feel I am on the right track. My appointments for removal are not until September, so in the mean time I will stick to the program (diet and exercise) and try to get as healthy as possible. I have been booked for 2 appointments both include an intravenous dose of Vitamin C to flush the toxins released from removal from your body. It's all a bit "out there" but hey what have I got to lose? I keep updating. PS - I have not lost any more weight - but still feel really good and hoping for a bit more loss soon.