Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 weeks today

It's been 10 weeks now - I would love to say that I have lost the weight I wanted.....but not as yet. Today I was only down 0.1kgs in other words "nothing". I was a little disapointed - my measurements were down but that had gone up a little at the last weigh-in (don't know why). So my scales were at 71.6kgs when I first started and now my scales say 66.8kgs so that's almost 4kgs on my scales. I really expected to be down a little more but the past couple of weeks things seemed to have slowed. I asked at the clinic today whether I should pick up the exercise but 3 sessions are week are supposedly adequate - obviously they don't say NO but he didn't say get out there and go for it and you'll lose more weight!. I think I will anyway - maybe just a walk on the days I don't go to the clinic - it can't hurt. Still sticking to diet - been a little slack with vitamins but intend to rectify that today. All else is good .....still think I am much better off on this diet (program) than not - if I had of kept gaining at the rate I was I could have been another stone heavier by now. My amalgam removal is booked for September. Three appointments over a couple of weeks - something to look forward too....

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