Sunday, July 19, 2009


My husband cooked a great dinner on Saturday night for us and some friends - he thinks he's a candidate for "Masterchef" or something. I could not resist some "off limits" stuff - and a glass of red. I have been so good for 9 weeks with minimal slip-ups but this weekend was a write-off. I had Rack of Lamb (good) Polenta with cheese (high carbs) broccolini (good) Red wine (BAD) and Chocolate Fondant dessert (Sugar of the charts) BAD BAD BAD not one but I had another yesterday. Then I had Thai food for dinner - flat noodles (High Carbs) and all full of MSG - today I feel sick and dissapointed that I gave in to temptation - so badly. I also didn't take any vitamins or supplements all weekend and I have the worst headache - I hope the people at the clinic never see this blog as I pretended everything was normal this morning when I went in -although I am feeling really bad. Well have to get back on track - I wonder how many days it will be until I feel better again? NOT WORTH IT!!!!

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  1. Kerrie,

    I can totally relate to the guilt (eating stuff I shouldn't be eating and not taking my supplements every now and then). As my Mom tells me, "Don't beat yourself up too badly." We are only human...

    Good luck