Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well I feel better today after a workout at the clinic - I mentioned I have been a little "off track" this week (did not give too many details) and have been sent home with instructions to do what is called a C Flush - you take Vitamin C powder (teaspoon) 1000mg per tsp (I already take this twice a day) every 15mins (in a glass of water) until you start running to the toilet - this will flush out toxins and most will be expelled then I take activated charcoal also in water which will bind all the excess toxins and they can also be expelled before your cells re-absorb them....wow wish me luck!. Then I have to prepare a "Mucosa Rebuilder" potion - which is made up of Butter (full fat) & coconut oil & healthy fibre plus (a fibre powder probably like metamucil but chunkier) water then blended together and kept in the fridge - each day I have to take a spoonful - it lasts about 3 weeks. (If anyone is interested in this receipe please email me and I will check the sheet I may have forgotten an ingredient). This apparently rebuilds the healthy bacteria in the gut apparently essential for people with "Leaky Gut Syndrome" but I am assuming is important for everyone- I have found a site with some info but admit have not read it thoroughly ....yet- it is http://editor.nourishedmagazine.com.au/articles/leaky-gut-and-native-nutrition. As usual I will do as I am told......I'll start tomorrow - One thing Grave's has done for me is opened my eyes to a whole new world of Health which I would never have delved into before - there is a reason for everything in this life. There is so many people out there worse off than me - this disease is a fairly"easy one" in comparison to what some people go through - I am thankful for that and hope that all the information that I share might help somebody out there..........

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