Monday, July 13, 2009

Mercury Removal

Well I had my appointment with the Dentist and I am going to go ahead and have my amalgams removed. I have 10 amalgams and a root filled tooth which has some kind of abcess under it (I cannot feel any pain) so this will also be removed - the whole tooth that is. This Root canal was done about 4 years ago and cost me about $3000 with the crown - but it's going - I thought I was doing the right thing saving my broken tooth - I broke it trying to open a bottle of nail polish with my back teeth (I know how stupid). This is the kind of thing you yell at your kids over!. Anyway I feel there is enough evidence to prove that mercury (from amalgams and other sources) poisoning is directly attributable to auto immune disease. I can't keep them in my mouth knowing this might have caused my problem - I am in a genetic position to acquire an auto-immune disease but with mercury exposure and a poor diet that does not help your body to fight this risk - well here I am. So far I have changed my diet - what I eat is more nutrient dense which will give my body the best chance to fight off sickness of any kind. Then to have the mercury removed from my body and try to minimise other exposure to toxins (as much as possible anyway). Hopefully then I will be able to recover from Grave's and not look back. At least I have something to try - my Endocrinologist only gave me medication that fixed some symptoms and created twice as many - they just don't get it! I feel I am on the right track. My appointments for removal are not until September, so in the mean time I will stick to the program (diet and exercise) and try to get as healthy as possible. I have been booked for 2 appointments both include an intravenous dose of Vitamin C to flush the toxins released from removal from your body. It's all a bit "out there" but hey what have I got to lose? I keep updating. PS - I have not lost any more weight - but still feel really good and hoping for a bit more loss soon.

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  1. I have known of someone who did this and heard they could tell a difference - keep us posted on how it goes.