Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dont know what's going on but I am full of energy, I feel great at the moment - I feel cured!. I got over the tiredness of the past few weeks and as of last week I have been feeling great. I started running last week and this week have increased the excercise again. So far this week I have run for 40mins 3 days in a row and also done minimum of another 20mins each day on the bike or other machines at the gym. Last night I also did an hour and 15min step class. I can't beleive it....as of last Monday I can say I have no symptoms at all. I have not taken a neomercazale at all this week and my heart rate is staying low even while running. Dare I say I must be in a remission stage of "Graves". I don't know whether having the mercury removed from my mouth has helped but I am pleased to say it has not made anything worse - they say symptoms can get worse before they get better. In my case apart from tiredness for a couple of weeks no worsening of symptoms. I still have the root filled tooth to come out so I am looking forward to feeling even better. I can't really be sure dental revision is the key but hey! who knows?????? Keeping my fingers crossed.

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